About Us


About The Barnyard:

The Barnyard is a purpose built 500 sqm Early Childhood Centre in a semi-rural setting. We are situated on a large 5000 sqm section at 504 Racecourse road, Te Awamutu. Our unique country setting means our children have the freedom to learn and grow a respect for the world around them. Daily activities involve the care and handling of animals, collecting our free-range eggs, growing fruit and vegetables, cooking and eating the produce we grow and feeding the food waste back to our animals. Through participating in these activities our children are learning about maintaining a sustainable environment as well as developing a greater understanding of their natural wider world.

Our large playground offers children plenty of room to play, explore, take risks, use their imagination and be at one with nature. Our forest area provides our children with another environment that they can freely explore at their own pace as they are able to direct their own learning in a natural setting. We have a large vegetable garden and orchard which is also where we have our very own fire pit which is used to roast marshmallows and cook sausages. Adjoining our playground is a large paddock which is home to our many chickens and season dependent a calf or lamb.

The Barnyard’s Philosophy:

All children at The Barnyard are valued as unique individuals who have their own needs, abilities and interests. Children are supported to grow as confident, competent learners and communicators, secure in their sense of belonging. Our teachers are committed to providing stimulating, inclusive learning opportunities that reflect the unique needs of each child. The Barnyard has a strong focus on nature, caring for animals and our environment. This helps the children better understand and appreciate the world around them. At The Barnyard we are committed to providing an inclusive and welcoming atmosphere. Parents and whānau are actively encouraged to be involved, as our open door policy welcomes parents to visit at any time.

Our Mission Statement:

The Barnyard Early Childhood Education Centre exists to provide a safe, developmentally appropriate environment for children. We are committed to providing stimulating early childhood care and an educational experience which promotes each child’s social, emotional, physical and cognitive development. Our goal is to support every child’s desire to be a lifelong learner.


Our Latest Education Review Office Report:

Our latest ERO report was carried out in January 2018. This review reported that the children at The Barnyard “engage in a rich curriculum that is responsive to their individual interests, strengths and abilities. They have access to high-quality resources in a spacious, well-designed environment that offers challenge and variety. Children learn about and make sense of the natural world by caring for animals and growing gardens. Teachers use children’s interests to plan experiences and extend learning. Sensitive and personalised transitions between rooms are well managed in partnership with parents, in order to support the emotional well-being of children. Learning portfolios affirm children’s identities as successful learners. Children are supported to experience success in meaningful learning contexts”.

For a full summary of our latest ERO Report please use the following link: